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Avonlea Oaks Farm, founded in 1999, is a small family owned Trakehner sporthorse breeding farm located on 20 acres in Central Texas about 25 minutes southeast of Austin in Bastrop County. We've made many improvements to the farm since we moved in including: building a full-sized, lighted dressage arena with Perma-Flex rubber footing, constructing a 6 stall barn with a tack room and 2 large foaling stalls equipped with wireless video cameras, renovating the existing pastures with bermudagrass and installing 100% horse safe fencing.

Our Vision
Our vision is to produce Trakehner sporthorses that are athletic and trainable for success in competition, while also having temperaments that make them well behaved and sociable enough to make life-long family members for amateur riders.

Our Philosophy
We believe that handling our foals daily from the moment they are born produces horses that are engaged, well-mannered and easy to handle. As a result, we produce only one or two foals a year to ensure they receive our full attention. We breed and raise horses as if each might become our personal riding and competition horses -- unfortunately, we can't keep them all -- which means we produce horses we are proud to offer for sale because each one is a "keeper" in our eyes.

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Phone: (512)303-6621
E-mail: barnmaster@avonleaoaks.com

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