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Website Update August 2008

Better late than never -- we are finally updating the website after a considerable hiatus! Seems we've just been having too much fun with the horses. See updated photos of Tara at the ATA inspection in November, where she was approved for the Official Stud Book! Or, see Trentino's page for photos and video of our last foal from Tahary link is there also.
We'll try to get more updated in the coming weeks...

Michelle Gibson Clinic Information 2006

We are proud to be organizing two Michelle Gibson Clinics this Winter at Dick and Terri Kane's Diamante Ranch in New Braunfels, Texas. Dowload a PDF with the clinic details below.

Download Clinic Info (PDF)


Michelle Gibson

Update June, 2006
This is a photo of Tahary's 2004 filly Tarrington, winning Reserve Grand Champion filly and high point Trakehner at the Proud Meadows DSHB Show in Dallas this last weekend. She is by the up and coming young Enrico Caruso son Kovington. This was her first adventure away from home and you would have thought she did it every day of the week. Nothing was scary and she never worried a bit about being in a strange place. What a joy!!

April 11, 2006

On Saturday night, Tahary presented us with another fabulous black foal -- a colt by the elite stallion Michelangelo. He has only a little white on his coronet of one hind foot and the 3/4 blaze on his face. Looks like Tahary tried to give him her white face but got interrupted in the process! Nevertheless, we love his unique markings and terrific personality. We have decided to name him Trentino for the northern region of Italy that blends Italian and German culture -- we think it is a fitting name for a Trakehner by the stallion named after one of Italy's most famous artists. Welcome to the world little Tino!

Update April 11, 2006
Unfortunately, Deja absorbed her pregnancy in the early days -- despite our wishful thinking that the ultrasound was wrong, her svelt appearance this spring confirms the sad reality.

June 11, 2005
We are thrilled with the news that Deja is in foal to the stallion Kovington. We can't wait to see the outcome of this cross because we are so pleased with our Kovington filly of 2004, Tarrington out of Tahary.

May 21, 2005

Great news, today we brought Tahary home from the vet, where she was confirmed in foal to the elite stallion Michelangelo! We are so excited about this cross.

April 2005

Look who came to visit! Karline, the dam of stallion Kovington -- granddam of our 2004 foal Tarrington. It is a terrific treat as a breeder to see the generations together to see what traits have come through.

October 30, 2004
Welcome to the new website. For those of you friends and family who were tired of the old (and sadly neglected) site, we hope you enjoy! Look here for updates and information about the farm events. By the way -- all the photos on the site were taken by us -- including the one on banner above. It's a photo of Kovington and his rider, Sherra Kosch, at Dressage at Devon in the fall of 2003.


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