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Siequin “Quinnie”
2002 Bay Trakehner filly
Tiny white star
Nearly 16.1 hands at 4 yrs old

Quinnie has been a farm and family favorite since the day she was born. She is a half-sister to my competition mare Ana and shares the same personable, inquisitive temperament. We expect Quinnie to top out at 16.1 – 16.2 hands. She has an exquisite head, beautiful neck, and lovely leg. Her gaits are rhythmic and buoyant. She has been very trainable and is well mannered. She will make a spirited and engaged riding partner. Quinnie is getting a late start, thanks to a full plate of work/horses and a need for her to continue growning (which seems not to be finished just yet). However, she is working walk, trot, canter on the lunge with bridle, saddle and side-reins -- and the backing process has begun.

Her bloodlines include Donauwind (sire of Olympic jumping stallion Abdullah), Mahagoni (sire of Olympic dressage stallion Peron), and Stradelle (dam of Elite Trakehner stallion Sixtus -- brother of Olympic eventing stallion Windfall). Her grandmother, Strategie, just earned her "exceptional" designation for having produced two ATA approved stallions. Her half-sister is my personal competition horse. Other Sieg sons and daughters include USDF all breed winners, breed show winners, an approved stallion, and an ATA futurity reserve champion.

  Strategie E      
      Status Symbol  
  Hopeful Symbol      
      Hopeful Pick  
  Hopeful's Deja Vu ASHA          
          Night Supreme Court  
      Dawn of Valley Vista      
          Misty Glen's Highland Lass  

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